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Travel Map has been in business since 2000 and has been providing industry leading customer service and superior product offerings. Travel Map prides its itself with its untarnished reputation for being a cost effective service for all your travel needs.

Packages are being developed for tours and conventions on a continual basis.  Cruise lines are constantly offering specials.  Airfares can change from minute to minute.  Therefore, Travel Map keeps a close watch via computerized link and extensive network of travel suppliers for travel services.  We will plan and book your entire trip.  With  years of experience in arranging group travel, Travel Map can coordinate groups as small or as large as requested, as well as, plan meetings and conventions.


There are myriads of choices, decisions, and details involved in each and every trip you take. One overlooked detail can cause a dream to turn into disaster. As travel professionals, we have the expertise in every aspect of your travel needs.

Here are a few more reasons why you we should be your first resource in travel:

We guarantee the lowest fares anywhere - We have a database that searches MILLIONS of fares for any trip you have in mind and guarantee the lowest fare, even unpublished fares in many instances that you can't find anywhere else. Tired of searching the internet for cheap fares? We don't blame you! Let us do it for you and most of the time we can get the same base fare or even less.

We handle all your reservation needs such as seat assignments, itinerary changes and other things that the web won't do for you. Keep in mind, the airlines change their fares continuously every day and there is no way to guarantee a fare unless you book it.

Rules, rules, rules - The airlines have lists and lists of rules for each and every fare out there. Understanding these rules and regulations can be a great burden, even to the airlines. Wondering why you can't get the awesome fare you found? This may be a reason. Here, we have experts who take care of all that for you for no worries and aggravation. Without us, you're on your own.

Details, details, details - When planning a trip, there are so many things to consider that many are easily overlooked. Hotels, parking, rental cars, travel documents such as passports and visas, taxes, tours, sightseeing excursions, tips, local customs, security issues, ground transportation, porterage, and the list goes on into infinity.

Professional Service - Why not let us take the hassle out of your life by letting the PROFESSIONALS handle all the details of your trip. That's what we're here for and we promise to see that your every concern is addressed.

Your one stop source - We arrange everything right here. Hotels, Air, Rental Cars, you name it. Why spend hours making countless phone calls and waiting on hold? We do it all in a matter of minutes for a small fee. Travel should be fun, so make it.

International Travel is a Big Deal - In today's world, international travel is growing more and more complex. Prices are of concern along with security and simplicity in connections and transfers. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure your trips abroad are seamless and the most economically feasible. Give us a call when considering your next journey.

Groups - We have agents who specialize in handling all your groups' needs. From deeply discounted airfares and hotel rates to ground transportation and personalized planning, we have the tools you need to get there, get back, and do it for less. Your trip can be customized to include as much or as little as you wish.

So let Travel Map take care of all your travel needs in a courteous and professional manner and of course, great prices!